Welcome to BrewBilt Brewing

A passion for quality

Our brewery is located in Northern California's Sierra Nevada foothills, where we offer our own lineup of craft beers. 

BrewBilt Brewing grew out of BrewBilt Manufacturing Inc., an iconic company that has been handcrafting custom brewhouses, tanks, and accessories since 2014. We pride ourselves on brewing the beers that we love to drink and like our tastes, this is always evolving.

The BrewBilt Brewing Team

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Jef Lewis


In addition to leading BrewBilt Brewing, Jef is also the founder and CEO of BrewBilt Manufacturing Inc. He has 15 years of experience engineering, designing, and fabricating professional brewing and fermentation systems.


Ben Buchanan

Director of Operations

Ben was the co-founder and brewer for the award-winning Old Bus Tavern brewpub in San Francisco before honing his skills brewing on a production scale for the Fort Point Beer Company.

BrewBilt Brewing